Ann Vermette, MA, LCT-C, CHRP

Ann Vermette, with shoulder length blonde hair, a navy blue shirt, and pendant necklace, smiling and looking directly into camera. Behind her is a blue wall and dresser, out of focus.

Throughout my life I have been successful, however, I continued to struggle with depression, anxiety, and stress both at home and work.

During my 20-year career working in Human Resources, I would hear others share their personal and work-related stressors, all while I too was struggling and began to reflect on life, recognizing I was not happy…was it home, work or my relationships?

Why was I stressed, feeling hopeless and overwhelmed? It wasn’t overnight but I began to question my life purpose and with the help of a Counselling Therapist, I began my journey. During that time, my empathy and passion for helping others became my passion and found myself going through a shift with home and my career. The discovery of my own personal and professional strengths led me down a path where today I help others who are having similar challenges so they can be the best they can be and Flourish!

How am I different from any other therapist?

Having first-hand experience and deep knowledge of the workplace with a 20+ year background in Human Resources, I get it and I can relate to many of my clients. I too have felt unhappy in my job, overwhelmed at home and know how much it affected my mental health, relationships and overall life satisfaction.

Having the workplace insight, life experiences, and tools, I am able to help those struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, ADHD, grief, trauma, and relationship issues to name a few. Having experienced my journey, I was drawn like a magnet to help others find their Flourishing state of mind.