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Why Therapy?

Why Therapy? Read this quick 1-minute read on why we seek out help. Some people need help coping with unexpected events in their lives, such as a [...]

Unhappy at Work

Unhappy at Work? Yes our worldview, our experiences and our home-life impact how we integrate and perform at work. But the workplace impacts us too! [...]

Is Virtual Counselling for you?

Is Virtual Counselling For You? A 1-minute read on 10 helpful reasons why virtual counselling may be great for you! E- therapy is a blanket [...]

ready to flourish?

One moment at a time, helping people grow and move to a Flourishing state of mind! Supporting teens and adults, helping understand the why, what and how to thrive in their relationships, home, school and work!

Making professional counselling, coaching and consultation accessible, affordable, and convenient so you can get help, anytime, anywhere. Offering in-person, video or phone.

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