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Counselling for those struggling with life issues, workplace, relationships, and life transitions. Available in-person, virtually, or by phone.

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A man wearing a long-sleeved blue button up shirt and knee length white shorts giving a team presentation to 4+ people in the office

Our coaching practice serves individual Employees, Managers and Leaders in workplace issues related to communication, inter-personal conflict and mental health fitness.

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Our HR Consulting supports Teams, Managers and Leaders better manage workplace issues as it relates to the mental health and well-being of employees to reach optimal productivity and engagement.

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How i can help…

Need to work through stuff so you can be the best version of yourself? I can help.

Finding that connection with a helper can be tough. I believe my down-to-earth and authentic approach can help provide a space where you can talk about what’s really bothering you and to explore the possibilities of what you want out of life, without having to worry about being judged.

You are like nobody else and I believe in helping others discover their uniqueness, develop their strengths, and help them thrive in life. It is about being the best version of yourself!

Why therapy?

Some people need help coping with unexpected events in their lives, such as a relationship ending or beginning, a death or a birth, loss of a job or student status. Other people use therapy to seek self-exploration and personal growth. Sometimes people initiate therapy to support transitions they are making in life, or to explore various aspects of their identities. It isn’t uncommon for people to come to therapy saying that nothing has happened, they just don’t feel joyful or happy, or like they’ve lost their zest for life.

Therapy can help you identify and strengthen your positive qualities, provide support during these transitions, and help you recognize, understand, and break negative patterns in your life. If you need to gain an outside, confidential perspective on a situation, solve a specific problem, address specific behaviours, heal from emotional wounds or upsetting experiences, therapy can be of great value.

Therapy can also help you arrive at a deeper understanding of yourself, and become more conscious of how your history, perceptions, feelings, attitudes, and behaviour patterns influence how you relate to others. In general, therapy helps you know yourself better, grow as an individual and within the context of your relationships.