What’s the difference between Counselling and Coaching?

Counselling is a regulated term which means that a Counsellor has to have completed certain training, education and licensing, where a Coach may touch on mental health, they do not treat mental health issues but help with problem-solving with specific solutions.

In terms of the service offered, we provide both counselling and coaching. Our coaching practice serves Human Resources and Corporate Teams, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, Employees, and anyone else struggling with workplace communication, interpersonal conflict, managing employees with mental health issues and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) coaching.

What does our coaching help with?

  • HR Communication Coach helps both individual clients to develop a roadmap to better express themselves, minimize confusion, misunderstanding and improve confidence both at home and at work. For workplaces, the focus is to help navigate through conflict resolution, workplace mediation and respectful workplace strategies to improve workplace engagement.
  • Workplace Mental Health Coach is for any People Leader on how to navigate workplace mental health issues, discuss employees’ well-being and better understand what support an employee may need with mental health struggles.
  • ADHD Coaching is for Managers or Employees to help develop specific strategies to better manage ADHD and improve home, work and relationships. The primary focus is to build strategies specifically designed for the employee’s ability and job function so that they can better perform at work. This may include strategies specifically to better support time awareness, organization, communication, and emotional regulation.