Who do we help in our workplace consulting?

We help anyone who interacts with other humans while at work. Most often we help HR Managers, owners, supervisors, and people-managers learn how to shape and maintain healthy workplaces and build stronger teams.

What do these services help with?

  • Helping individuals learn how to become more effective in their communication using specific and proven communication tools. Offering in-person or virtual workshops on Effective Communication, How to Better Manage Conflict, Team Fitness Building Workshops
  • Develop the skills to mediate workplace conflict resolution and how to engage employees to resolve their own matters. Offering in-person or virtual 3-Step process to mediation including coaching, mediation and follow-up.
  • Embrace and work through challenges around diversity and inclusion, including awareness around multigenerational, multi-ethnicity, and cultural competency. Offering workshops on Respectful Workplace, How to Implement Inclusion, Psychological Safety Programs, and Cultural Fitness Workshops.