Unhappy at Work?

Stressed woman sitting at table in front of her computer with her hand to her forehead

Yes our worldview, our experiences and our home-life impact how we integrate and perform at work. But the workplace impacts us too! We spend much of our life at work so how can we be happier at work? Top 10 helpful hints. If you are unsure where you are, I can help.

  1. AVOID NEGATIVITY. Surround yourself with those that are positive and have fun!

2. FIND A CAREER YOU ENJOY. Most of us will change our career several times in our working life.

3. ALTERNATIVES. Can't find a career your love but options are limited or timing isn't right, an alternative is to do volunteer work or a hobby that you can do outside your regular job that gives you what you are missing at work.

4. FIND THE ROOT CAUSE. Reflect and/or seek help to understand why you aren't happy at work

5. IS YOUR WORKPLACE HEALTHY OR TOXIC. This can have long-term impact on your stress level and mental health if your workplace is unhealthy.

6. ASSESS YOUR OWN PROFESSIONAL-SELF. Look at your work boundaries, commitments, expectations and workplace relationships and reflect what you could change.

7. PRACTICE PROFESSIONAL COURAGE. Stand up for yourself using an assertive communication style. This can be hard if by nature you are not assertive, practice with a friend or a trusted colleague.

8. SEEK OUT HELP. Still not happy, get support. Sometimes another perspective from a friend or a professional can help you work through this.

9. SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER. if your workplace environment is healthy and you feel you have the professional courage, be open to talking to your manager, ask for feedback, share your interest.

10. JOB SEARCH. If none of this works, it may be time to look at another job, spice up your resume, network and see what else is out there!