Is Virtual Counselling For You?

Woman lounging on a grey couch with laptop on bent knees, looking at the screen.

A 1-minute read on 10 helpful reasons why virtual counselling may be great for you!

E- therapy is a blanket term for mental health services delivered digitally and some examples are phone calls, videos, texting, and messaging.  Some refer to it as on-line counselling, cybercounselling, or e-counselling.  Some things to consider:

  1. It may be offered at a lower cost and important to consider if you don’t have insurance.
  2. Appointment times are easier to manage since you don’t have to consider travel time.
  3. It can be easier for some to be emotionally vulnerable in digital spaces.
  4. A tool that can be used as another quick resource as part of your support network.
  5. There may be an adjustment for some and could feel impersonal.
  6. Not as much body language so disclosing will be important for the therapists to help.
  7. If you crave for that human contact of face-to-face therapy, supplementing with on-line could be helpful until you can get an appointment.
  8. Better option for some who may be immobile, caring for children or caring for elderly.
  9. Safer option for some, can be done from the comfort of your home
  10. Options to bring your pet to therapy that may not otherwise been available.